Desanders are used to separate foreign substances from water-bentonite, water-polymer, water-cement or different bentonite mixtures used during boring. Particles of 10 mm size are cleaned out on coarse screen. On horizontal and vertical screen elimination with 50 micron (0,05 mm) rate is made. Abrasion resistant foundry consoles are used on hydro cyclone exits. Desanding plants have further applications in gravel pits, in the mining industry and in microtunneling projects. If bentonite mud is desired much more pure, our product RD180 ( Desander + Desilter) can sieve the mud up to 20 micron RDD180 (Desander + Desilter) sieving takes place in two stages. 50 micron mud sieved in Desander cyclones is pumped into desilter cyclones to reduce the size of the sieved particles to 20 microns.

Tank Capacitylt2500
Main Screenm21,7
Secondary Screenm21,5
Pump Capacitym3/h200
Vibro MotorskW2x2
Sand Content (Before Treatment)%9-10
Sand Content (After Treatment)%0,5-1,5
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