RWD 20

Wick Drain

It is applied in ground improving projects in construction areas in order to provide a vertical drainage for undersoil water.

Prefabricated Vertical Drains, also known as Wick Drains, are used to accelerate the consolidation of compressible soils. It is applied in soil improvement projects to provide a conduit for the pore water to flow easily. PVDs are installed into the ground using the hollow mandrel that hoses and protects the PVD material. The mandrel is hydraulically driven by means of a hydraulic cylinder with a crowd mechanism into the compressible soil to the design depth so that the wick drain anchors in the incompressible materials underlying the compressible soils. The mandrel is then withdrawn leaving the PVD in place. PVD installation rigs are equipped with Data Logger computerised measuring and recording systems that provide the installation details.

Suitable excavator installation is made according to the machine size. Depending on the soil conditions, it can be designed according to 2 different pressing and pulling forces. Machine height can be increased or decreased provided that the upper and lower boomes and main boomes are fixed. According that this application could be done with different depths.

It is designed to use in construction works such as building residences, malls, harbours, roads and runways for airports.

Drain Depth Capacitym2020
Height of Mastm2424
Pull Down Force (at 320 Bar)kN204305
Pull Up Force (at 320 Bar)kN130200
Pull Down Speedm/sec1,30,9
Pull Down Speed Optionalm/sec2,81,95
Pull Up Speedm/sec2,11,4
Required Excavator Weightton4545
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